LinkingLion: Statement from LionLink Networks


Ashburn, VA – March 26, 2024 – LionLink Networks ("LionLink") is aware of recent articles published alleging illicit behavior originating from IP addresses advertised by LionLink Networks and describing an entity known as LinkingLion. We believe the first report on this behavior to be written by the Bitcoin Developer 0xB10C, who wrote the article published at and (the author also posted to Twitter/X about it). Many others followed to report on this story, including No Bullshit Bitcoin, Binance, CoinTelegraph, CryptoNews, TokenInsight, and many others -- even a podcast. LionLink Networks categorically denies any involvement in the activities described by the author known as 0xB10C.

The article makes sweeping allegations about LionLink based on the alleged misuse of specific IP addresses. We have conducted a thorough investigation and make the following assertions:

LinkingLion and Network Abuse

0xB10C references an entity called "LinkingLion" (a thinly veiled accusation LionLink is the entity engaging in the purported behaviors) that allegedly gathers data to link Bitcoin transactions to IP addresses. 0xB10C alleges that LionLink employs deceptive tactics, such as using fake user agents and multiple IP addresses. 0xB10C further alleges that LionLink's activities raise privacy concerns and could potentially be used for malicious purposes.

To the extent any illegal activity is happening on our network, LionLink Networks condemns it. However, the allegations made by 0xB10C are speculatory and lack the proof LionLink would need to terminate a contract with or violate the privacy of a customer. While LionLink does not monitor or inspect the content of our customers’ IP addresses, if law enforcement finds any customer using our services for illegal purposes, we will take appropriate action.

Dedication to a Responsible Network

LionLink Networks takes customer complaints and allegations of abuse seriously. We have dedicated resources to investigate these matters and remain committed to upholding the security and integrity of our network.

We urge journalists and members of the public to exercise caution when reporting on cybersecurity matters. Attributing malicious activity based solely on the source of an IP address can be misleading and damaging to the reputation of responsible network operators.

LionLink's Support of Cryptocurrency

LionLink recognizes the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We support the legitimate use of these innovations and welcome those wishing to operate nodes on the blockchain within the bounds of our policies. We offer solutions designed for security, scalability, and availability, catering to the unique requirements of operating blockchain nodes.

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On March 26, 2024, LionLink Networks registered the domain "" where this official statement is published.


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